• Camo-Light Highlighter Pencil

    Net Wt. 1.41 g I 0.05 U.S OZ

  • This soft, creamy highlighter is the true secret to a precise brow line. It camouflages brow line perfections adding lift and life to the entire eye area with one quick stroke directly under the arch of your brow. Whether starting with a full face of makeup or just wearing it to the gym, this is a quick-fix waker-upper for everyone. Available in Light & Tan
  • Highlighter Smudge Brush

    Truly a one of a kind revolution in brush craftsmanship. This firm brush effortlessly blends the Camo-Light™ Highlighter Pencil and helps define the most seamless line under the brow.

Start with the Highlighter Pencil. Just draw a line on under the brow, doesn’t matter how thick or thin because we’re just going to blend it in! Then take the Highlighter Smudge Brush and blend into the skin by swiping it back n forth like a windshield wiper! You can use your finger to blend the bottom into the skin! This is my everyday go to product!


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