Whether you have thin brows that need to be filled in or full brows that need a little defining, these 4 brow essentials are simple to use and perfect for any type of brow look you want to achieve.

  1. Brow Powder

    Net Wt: 2.49g I 0.088 U.S. OZ

    Triple baked, true to color brow powder creates natural brows that last all day.

  2. Camo-Light® Highlighter Pencil

    Net Wt: 1.41 g I 0.05 U.S OZ

    This soft, creamy highlighter is the true secret to a precise brow line.

  3. Highlighter Smudge Brush

    Truly a one of a kind revolution in brush craftsmanship. This firm brush effortlessly blends the Highlighter Pencil and helps to define it into the most seamless line under the brow.

  4. Angle Spooly Brush

    KBB Perfect Angle Spooly Brush, for precise and uniform powder distribution! The angle end of this essential tool is the first brow brush made with DuPont™ Natrafil® filaments, a synthetic alternative to animal bristles.


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