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    Kelley recommends making regular appointments to makes your brows pop each time. 

    In my eyes the most popular brow trend in the last few years would definitely have to be the bigger the better. Everyone wants full brows, and most are filling them in to achieve a full brow look if they don’t naturally have one.
    The 90’s was the time when thin brows were in style. A good example of the thin 90’s brow would be Drew Barrymore & Pamela Anderson. Sadly I was a part of that trend and have tons of holes from trying to be cool like them!
    I think we live in a time where it’s hard not to compare ourselves to others. Social media can portray people’s lives as being perfect, when in fact it’s just images and not real life. Remember to love who you are and what you have, because someone is most likely loving you just the way you are.
    The perfect brow to me is following your own natural brow shape. Everyone always wants what they don’t have, so your brows are probably the ideal shape to others! I like to say “Embrace the brows you have, & if you want more just use some brow products to create the desired look you’re going for!”

    Brow exfoliating is a great recommendation for clients who tend to get ingrown hairs, or are in the process of trying to grow out their brows

    Most people do not exfoliate the area around their brows. It isn’t a popular, or very known beauty secret by many.

    The benefits of a brow exfoliant is to clean your brow area making it a fresh pallet for product.

    A downside of exfoliating your brows is that can cause damage to your skin and accidentally pull out wanted hairs.

    For gentle or sensitive skin, a mechanical exfoliation is best.

    You want to avoid any chemical exfoliants that may be too harsh for your skin.

    My latest obsession is Lashes. I’m officially a lash extension addict. It’s one appointment that I never miss out on. The great things about lash extensions is that you can just wake up and go without having to worry about putting on mascara. I could never leave the house without a full set of lashes for fear of looking tired. Luckily now that I’ve entered the lash extension world I always look bright eyed and ready to conquer my day.
    It goes without saying that I am obsessed with brows. A natural brow softens your features and takes years off your face. One trick to a more full and natural brow is to keep the top part of the brow hairs long and wispy. I like to brush the hairs up and set it with a clear brow gel giving a very clean and fresh look.
    One of my favorite beauty secrets is to use a highlight on your cheekbones and temples to give you a more youthful appearance. I personally use it because I have sunspots which makes them instantly disappear giving me a glowy, fresh face. I am a blush girl, it’s something that I never skimp out on. I always use a soft pink or peachy color right on the apples of my cheeks to make my face look fuller. But remember ladies less is more! Lips are definitely important when it comes to looking younger than we really are. Lately we have seen the trend of lip fillers but if you just use a good clear lip gloss it can give one the illusion of a more full and supple lip. Pro tip if you use a softer color it can make your lips appear plumper.
    There are a few ways to make yourself look younger by creating a fuller brow. One trick is to highlight the brow bone to open up your eyes. The second is to brush up your brows with a clear brow gel making your brows look fuller then they naturally are.
    My new favorite brow trend is the “whispy brow”. A whispy brow is when you leave the top part of the inner part (closest to your nose) of your brow a little longer, as opposed to a perfectly defined trim. This creates a softer look. My least favorite brow is the “pomade brow”. Typically pomades make the brows look overly drawn on.
    Shay Mitchell is doing her brows right! In my eyes She’s got filling in her brows down! Every time I see her I give her a handful of my KBB brow defining pencils in brown so she has one on her at all times and for when she travels. She even has a few videos showing her fans how she does them.
    I think brows will just get bigger and bigger for 2018. Less is more. Women are starting to leave more of their baby hairs in And I’m loving it.
    I’ve never heard of using white oil paint when tinting your Brows. I’ve always used a Vaseline to protect the skin from getting stained. When tinting Brows at home or in a salon, You want to make sure you completely cover your skin and only leave the hairs you want tinted.
    So many things could go wrong if you tint your brows at home by yourself. For starters it’s a messy project! If you don’t coat your skin correctly you can stain it with the dye which is very hard to get off, Especially if you have dry skin! Also it’s very hard to color match and get the desired look you’re going for! I definitely recommend going to see a pro so you don’t end up looking like Groucho marks after your “at home” tinting experience 🙂

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