Post: The Best Celeb Brow Secrets, Revealed

If glam squads are the secret to Hollywood’s best hair, makeup and style, then guru, Kelley Baker, may hold the answer to something that’s potentially more important to your look (as in, you never wash or take them off and they pretty much frame your whole entire face): your brows. Still don’t have your shape down to a science? Steal these celeb-approved, lesser-practiced tricks from the specialists.

Highlight + Brush
Award-winning arch and celebrity makeup artist Kelley Baker—she’s Khloé Kardashian’s pro—swears by the fact that there are some lesser-known ways to look younger, via a quick tweak of the brows. (Bonus: This one doesn’t involve the age-old perfect-brow issue of patience and giving them time to grow.) “One trick is to highlight the brow bone to open up your eyes. The second is to brush your brows up with a clear brow gel, which makes them look fuller than they naturally are.”

Wispy Is Wonderful
Baker says her new favorite brow trend is the “wispy brow”—where you leave the top part of the inner part (closest to your nose) of your brow a little longer, as opposed to a perfectly defined trim. “This creates a softer look.”

You May Want to Pause on Pomade
In Baker’s opinion, one brow trend that takes some mastering is the “pomade brow.” “Typically, I think pomades make the brows look overly drawn on.”

Master the Fine Art of Filling
“Shay Mitchell is doing her brows right!” Baker says. “She’s got filling in her brows down! Every time I see her I give her a handful of my Kelley Baker Brows Brow Defining Pencils ($22) in brown so she has one on her at all times and for when she travels. She even has a few videos showing her fans how she does them.”

re-posted from New by Liz Ritter , Executive Managing Editor | November 06, 2017

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