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Beauty trends come and go, but one thing that will always be in style is the perfect set of eyebrows. The right brow style will give your client’s face a new, fresh look. Creating defined and groomed brows will be a breeze with the right tools. Brow queen and celebrity brow artist, Kelley Baker, gives us the secret to brows that will wow.

Waxing is my favorite way of removing hairs when shaping brows. Taking away all the baby hairs brings the brows together giving them a fuller look.

Many people don’t know that you can actually customize your wax per client and their skin type. Using the right wax will always make your service stand out and have your clients leaving happy with beautiful skin and brows.

I like to use the Zinc Oxide Wax by Satin Smooth for clients with sensitive, dry, or mature skin. For oily or coarse hair, their Honey Wax is best!

When I’m done waxing my clients’ brows, I use BeSmooth® Soothing Skin Treatment to close the pores! It also helps prevent breakouts and redness. For the final touches, I always use a highlighter pencil under the brow bone to lift the eye and give the brows that extra pop! You can always add a defining pencil or powder for more definition and to finish off that perfect brow look.

Kelley Baker

Kelley Baker
Eyebrow Expert

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